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  Nico Schottelius 87 Collapse all/Expand all
7573 ipv6 New Normal Spamlike message filtering 01/06/2020 12:15 PM Actions
7569 ipv6 New Normal IPv6 only DNS 01/05/2020 04:12 PM Actions
7568 ipv6 New Normal Incoming SMTP IPv4 proxy 01/31/2022 01:09 PM Actions
7456 Open Infrastructure New Normal Prototype support for IPv6 only mail servers 12/10/2019 05:04 PM Actions
7291 Open Infrastructure New Normal Flow 6: as a sysadmin I want to know / install all requirements 11/02/2019 12:53 AM Actions
7117 Open Infrastructure New Normal Make ungleich-otp better usable for the public 09/05/2019 01:55 PM Actions
7044 Open Infrastructure New Normal Document IPv6 only NAT64 enabled client network issues 08/13/2019 10:47 AM Actions
6919 Open Infrastructure New Normal Define incident / downtime notification channels and reaction times 07/02/2019 07:18 PM Actions
6708 Open Infrastructure New Normal Create infrastructure usable for IPv6 workshops 05/19/2019 07:34 PM Actions
6696 Open Infrastructure New Normal Update documentation / instructions on how to login to a new VM 05/17/2019 11:03 AM Actions
6406 Open Infrastructure New Normal Document our LDAP setup and make it publicly available 01/19/2021 12:48 PM Actions
6405 ipv6 New Normal Create a new IPv6 game (working title: IPv6 treasure hunt) 05/01/2019 11:38 PM Actions
6049 Open Infrastructure New Normal Publish / document our Kubernetes / IPv6 experiences 11/11/2018 09:13 PM Actions
5929 Open Infrastructure New Normal Add public kubernetes support 11/01/2018 04:29 PM Actions
5928 Open Infrastructure New Normal Introduce API support for VM handling: create and delete operation (and maybe image upload) 11/01/2018 04:28 PM Actions
  Philipp Buehler 2 Collapse all/Expand all
7382 hack4glarus-2019-winter Waiting Normal Monitoring at a different level (BPF/Suricata/Cilium) 12/01/2019 11:40 AM Actions
7376 hack4glarus-2019-winter In Progress Normal Packer+Vagrant for OpenBSD (cont'd) 12/01/2019 11:41 AM Actions
  Sanghee Kim 10 Collapse all/Expand all
8536 Open Infrastructure Feedback Normal Add Ubuntu 20.10 Support to DCL 10/26/2020 03:13 PM Actions
7184 Open Infrastructure Feedback Normal Create a mailing list for maintenance notifications 10/18/2019 08:16 PM Actions
7570 ipv6 Seen Normal Add more questions and answers to official FAQ 01/08/2020 11:29 AM Actions
9294 Swiss School of Digital Education New Normal Create plan for hosting Christian Folini and team 05/06/2021 03:09 PM Actions
8298 Swiss School of Digital Education New Normal Promote the first django course that happens on 27th of July 07/17/2020 10:50 AM Actions
7186 Open Infrastructure New Normal Add support for general VPN including IPv4 01/13/2020 06:37 PM Actions
7086 Open Infrastructure New Normal [dynamicweb]Expose password reset option in the user dashboard 08/26/2019 02:29 PM Actions
7023 Swiss School of Digital Education New Normal Create logo and register brand in Switzerland 08/01/2019 10:48 PM Actions
6980 Open Infrastructure New Normal Research and publish how we deal / have to deal with court orders and foreign authorities 07/19/2019 12:12 PM Actions
7521 Swiss School of Digital Education New Low Add IPv6 course offer 12/21/2019 03:15 PM Actions
  William Colmenares 3 Collapse all/Expand all
6468 Open Infrastructure New Normal When creating an account: Explain to the user that they get an activation mail 06/25/2019 05:31 PM Actions
6466 Open Infrastructure New Normal Fix the link in the password reset E-Mail [dynamicweb] 06/26/2019 04:28 PM Actions
6467 Open Infrastructure New Low Add 2FA as an optional login security measurement 03/19/2019 01:42 PM Actions
  Yury Komarov 2 Collapse all/Expand all
6794 Open Infrastructure In Progress Urgent Find out why request tracker crashes from time to time and fix it 07/08/2019 03:33 PM Actions
6763 Open Infrastructure Seen Normal Mirror debian (maybe from / with help of 06/18/2019 03:13 PM Actions
  (blank) 80 Collapse all/Expand all
8069 Open Infrastructure Waiting Normal Investigate potential bottleneck on storage/CEPH at DCL 05/29/2020 09:02 AM Actions
7930 Open Infrastructure Waiting Normal Monitoring LAN in place6 02/10/2021 09:26 AM Actions
7010 Open Infrastructure Waiting Normal Fix Alpine Linux installer to support serial && push it upstream 06/11/2020 09:35 AM Actions
5930 queue Waiting Normal [user request] Evaluate, if we can replace google analytics with 02/10/2021 08:49 AM Actions
7381 hack4glarus-2019-winter Resolved Normal Monitor lorawan temperature sensors with prometheus + grafana 11/30/2019 09:46 PM Actions
8111 Open Infrastructure In Progress Normal Monitor unbound nodes 02/10/2021 09:21 AM Actions
7378 hack4glarus-2019-winter In Progress Normal Document / explore on how to sensibly run docker with a /64 11/30/2019 09:47 PM Actions
6904 Open Infrastructure In Progress Normal Implement ucloud-image-store management 12/01/2020 02:43 PM Actions
6900 Open Infrastructure In Progress Normal Allow creating an image from a file in ucloud-api and ucloud-cli 12/01/2020 02:43 PM Actions
6899 Open Infrastructure In Progress Normal Create ucloud-file-scan service 12/01/2020 02:43 PM Actions
6897 Open Infrastructure In Progress Normal Create ucloud-image service 12/01/2020 02:48 PM Actions
6915 Open Infrastructure Seen Normal Introduce host status' and over/underbooking constraints 12/01/2020 02:43 PM Actions
6519 queue New Urgent Stabilisation spring 2019 06/26/2019 12:07 PM Actions
10614 Hack4Glarus 2022 (summer) New Normal Evaluate Hitobito 06/12/2022 06:25 AM Actions
10239 ipv6 New Normal Recursive DNS, visible on IPv4, acting as a proxy to enable visibility of data from IPv6 only DNS servers 01/31/2022 01:49 PM Actions
8716 Open Infrastructure New Normal Checkout support for RNG pass through / help to VMs 12/16/2020 12:53 PM Actions
8689 Open Infrastructure New Normal Test q-in-q multiple vlans with mikrotik <-> Linux 12/07/2021 12:48 AM Actions
8670 Open Infrastructure New Normal Turn "temper" into an openwrt upstream package 07/29/2021 08:15 PM Actions
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