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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7387 hack4glarus-2019-winter Task New Normal Create an iPXE binary WITHOUT ipv4 support (only IPv6) 11/30/2019 05:56 PM Actions
7371 hack4glarus-2019-winter Task In Progress Normal mozilla iot David Hasselhoff 11/30/2019 08:18 PM Actions
7381 hack4glarus-2019-winter Task Resolved Normal Monitor lorawan temperature sensors with prometheus + grafana 11/30/2019 09:46 PM Actions
7378 hack4glarus-2019-winter Task In Progress Normal Document / explore on how to sensibly run docker with a /64 11/30/2019 09:47 PM Actions
7397 hack4glarus-2019-winter Task New Normal Create a script to create a net-bootable alpine image 11/30/2019 11:29 PM Actions
7382 hack4glarus-2019-winter Task Waiting Normal Monitoring at a different level (BPF/Suricata/Cilium) Philipp Buehler 12/01/2019 11:40 AM Actions
7376 hack4glarus-2019-winter Task In Progress Normal Packer+Vagrant for OpenBSD (cont'd) Philipp Buehler 12/01/2019 11:41 AM Actions
7398 hack4glarus-2019-winter Task New Normal Add more Search Engines to ⚉ CopyScan Martin Vögeli 12/01/2019 11:46 AM Actions
7399 hack4glarus-2019-winter Task New Normal presentations hack4glarus 2019 winter 12/01/2019 03:56 PM Actions
7405 ipv6 Task In Progress Normal Explore IPv6 compatible IoT devices Nico Schottelius 12/02/2019 04:09 PM Actions
7366 hack4glarus-2019-winter Task In Progress Normal Finish the first levels of the ungleich-game Den Ivanov 12/03/2019 11:00 PM Actions
7402 Open Infrastructure Task Feedback Normal Reproduce issues in ucloud-pay Mondi Ravi 12/05/2019 12:22 PM Actions
7456 Open Infrastructure Task New Normal Prototype support for IPv6 only mail servers Nico Schottelius 12/10/2019 05:04 PM Actions
7507 Open Infrastructure Task New Low Monitor upstream releases / security advisories 12/19/2019 07:41 PM Actions
7521 Swiss School of Digital Education Task New Low Add IPv6 course offer Sanghee Kim 12/21/2019 03:15 PM Actions
7546 Open Infrastructure Task In Progress Normal VM Security based on LDAP accounts Mondi Ravi 01/01/2020 05:49 PM Actions
7552 Open Infrastructure Task In Progress Normal Add some non-critical traffic to router1.place6 Nico Schottelius 01/02/2020 12:47 PM Actions
7561 Open Infrastructure Task In Progress Normal Update mystrom switches to support IPv6 only networks Nico Schottelius 01/03/2020 05:35 PM Actions
7523 ipv6 Task New Normal TCP/UDP Services supported by IP4-to-IP6 incoming proxy and NAT64 outgoing gateway Moris Jones 01/05/2020 04:02 PM Actions
7569 ipv6 Task New Normal IPv6 only DNS Nico Schottelius 01/05/2020 04:12 PM Actions
7573 ipv6 Task New Normal Spamlike message filtering Nico Schottelius 01/06/2020 12:15 PM Actions
7574 ipv6 Task New Normal Create and setup VM for prototype Smarthost Nico Schottelius 01/06/2020 12:19 PM Actions
7570 ipv6 Task Seen Normal Add more questions and answers to official FAQ Sanghee Kim 01/08/2020 11:29 AM Actions
7566 ipv6 Task Feedback Normal Outgoing SMTP smarthost Nico Schottelius 01/10/2020 09:44 PM Actions
7427 Open Infrastructure Task In Progress Normal Rough draft to support console on our VMs Jin-Guk Kwon 01/13/2020 03:13 AM Actions
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