Task #6519

Updated by Nico Schottelius over 5 years ago

We need to add / change: 

 * CHANGE cannot be used in cdist types that are used on servers 
 ** I suggest to introduce "" in each place 
 ** I suggest to point to the active router IP (IPv6 only) 
 ** I suggest to use http[s]:// in the netboot image and cdist 
 ** Install nginx on both routers 
 ** Ensure that the essential packages are present 
 *** Devuan packages 
 *** hwraid repo 
 *** consul / prometheus (?) 
 ** Only usable for our own range (i.e. 2a0a:e5c0::/29 and the other v6 network) 
 ** Use nftables for it 
 * cannot be used in cdist types that are used on servers: 
 ** is a VM 
 ** if the VM is down, servers don't get configured 
 ** Suggestion: mirror the ungleich-tools repo to the routers, mirror.placeX..., accessible by http(s) 
 * We will try to connect all systems to UPS ONLY 
 ** My theory is that because they are also connected to the regular grid they experience an outage 
 ** We started with router1 
 ** Need to get in touch with Juanito or Bernegger (electricity company) to test whether UPS only setup works 
 * Update the monitoring infrastructure: 
 ** ensure that prometheus (port 9090) is not reachable without authentication 
 ** Ensure that there is 1 entry point for both monitoring systems 
 ** Ensure that changes (dashboards) are saved to both monitoring systems 
 ** Ensure that all production systems are monitored 


 * Servers only depend on routers 
 * If there is no network to the outside, servers are still booted/configured 
 * If VMs are down, server are still booted/configured 

 Jason, can you coordinate this with Dominique (consultant), Jin-Guk (implementation) and Roli/Marc/Sami (learning, understanding)?