Task #6685

Updated by Nico Schottelius about 5 years ago

* challenge 1: register an ipv6 network (10 points) 
 ** we generate a random ip in that network, name it "user ip" 
 * challenge 2: the user needs to configure the "user ip" to be ping'able; gets points when the user triggers/submits and at that time we can ping the ip address (20 points) 
 * challenge 3: the user needs to be reachable by http on her "user ip" (30 points if reachable) 
 * challenge 4: the user needs to configure a DNS server that is answering requests in the domain "$" (120 points) 
 * challenge 5: the user needs setup a second DNS server; we generate a 2nd random IP and let the user know the ip address; successful if it answers requests in "$" (20 points) 
 * challenge 6: setup https: we generate a DNS name ("$username.something") and the user needs to retrieve an SSL certificate from letsencrypt and should be reachable via https (80 points)