Task #11862

Updated by Nico Schottelius 9 months ago

h2. Motivation 

 * Creating a 1,2 or many k8s cluster should be a matter of "working seconds" and "setup minutes" 

 h2. Environment 

 * Assume you have an IPv6 network, f.i. a /48 
 * Assume you have a router, such as bird 
 * Assume you have a dynamic number of hosts ("k8s hosts") 
 * Assume every k8s cluster will use 2x /64's 
 ** one for pods 
 ** one for services (effectively only /108 is used, but that is an implementation detail) 
 * Assume you can (and should) delegate the subnetworks of the /48 "automatically" 
 ** i.e. define ranges that can be automatically deployed 


 h2. Steps 

 * define how to create nodes 
 ** either virtual or hardware nodes 
 * define how nodes are getting their networking