From 10/30/2019 to 11/28/2019


11:53 PM Task #7359 (Closed): Define how to properly use docker in ipv6 only networks
* How to do https?
* How to do firewalling?
* How to incorporate letsencrypt?
Nico Schottelius
11:52 PM Task #7358 (Closed): Compare mastodon servers && create cdist manifest of the easier one
Nico Schottelius
11:50 PM Task #7356 (Closed): Provide the most awesome self hosted apps
* Loosely based on
* VMs with /64 provided by Balazs
Nico Schottelius
10:56 PM Task #7354 (Closed): Create a NAT4664 PoC
Idea:... Nico Schottelius
04:01 PM Task #7352 (Closed): Find a way to update mikrotik routers in IPv6 only networks
* Download packets && scp && ssh? Nico Schottelius
03:41 PM Task #7350 (Closed): Add automatic / scheduled configuration support to cdist
To update list of hosts automatically Nico Schottelius
03:39 PM Task #7349 (Closed): Create a wifi bridge from Diesbach to Luchsingen
* Using 6 access points Nico Schottelius
03:38 PM Task #7348 (Closed): Create a devuan ucloud image
Nico Schottelius
03:38 PM Task #7347 (Closed): Create an Alpine ucloud image
* Maybe packer? Nico Schottelius
03:37 PM Task #7346 (Closed): Create an OpenBSD ucloud image
Nico Schottelius
03:36 PM Task #7344 (Closed): Create a matrix/mattermost bridge to and a cdist type for it
Nico Schottelius
01:48 PM Task #7343 (Closed): Create an automated routing daemon (IPv6)
* User A wants to have a network
* Gets a new network
* Routers will update their routes
** maybe using bgp/bird?
Nico Schottelius
01:45 PM Task #7342 (Closed): Create an RFC for adding DoT and DoH options to IPv6 router advertisements
Nico Schottelius
01:45 PM Task #7341 (Closed): Port ucloud to OpenBSD
Nico Schottelius

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