Rookie Guide

Just some hints and points if you're attending Hack4Glarus the first time.
See references pictures below under 'Files'.

Entrance if coming from Bahnhof/Main Station "Entrance_bahnhof",
entrance from the east / main road (B17) "Entrance atrium".

(See Files on hack4glarus-2019-sommer wiki)

body supplies


  • Water+Mate: just use the supplies in the little room across 'Entrance Forum'
  • Coffee: help yourself with the nespresso machine, refilling with tap
    water in the kitchen. new capsules are on the shelf on the way to the kitchen
  • Kitchen: just on the opposite site of the "main stage"
  • Fridge: you can use it (if space avail..), but do not take stuff that you didnt put in


We will provide some meals/snacks
  • friday: dinner at 19
  • fruit (on main table)
  • breakfast: sandwiches provided at 10 o'clock

For further needs see below.

body needs

  • toilets: pass the kitchen, after second door on the right side
  • showers: pass the kitchen, after first door on the right side (three cabins)
  • sleep: pass the kitchen, after second door on the left - or access via the kitchen


  • use the blue container across the registration desk for PET bottles.
  • use the paperbag in the kitchen for aluminum cans
  • other trash goes to the bins


groceries / necessities

If you need somethig special, forgot something. There is a small grocery
(Volg) shop within a <10 min walk from the venue

Way to Volg (Grocery/Supermarket):
Leave Entrace-Bahnhof, turn left.
Turn left into "Schuer" street after this building (vlog_1)
After crossing the creek, turn right into "Saendlistrasse".
Turn left before "the cow" (vlog_2) into "Poststrasse".
After "Post" turn right onto the main road ("B17") and
cross the street at the cross-walk. Turn right and
approach Volg along the B17 uphill (vlog_3).


24/7 ATM just across ''Kaufrausch'' (Klausenstrasse 4, 8783 Glarus)
At least VISA+mc are working.


The Wifi network both at H4G and HackingHotel uses SSID "Digital Glarus", and password "ungleich".

Sightseeing / Skiing



We will do a guided tour on Sat/Sun XX hours



Just outside the "Entrance Forum", please use the ashtrays (mounted to wall)

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