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Nico Schottelius, 05/01/2019 08:57 PM

IPv6 Hardware Compatibility List

The list

  • Statuses
    • none: No IPv6 support whatever
    • limited: somewhat works, mostly unusable
    • partial: mostly works
    • almost: has most features, can be used productively, advanced features missing
    • full: works fully in IPv6 only networks
What? Status
All Mikrotik RouterOS devices partial (see #Mikrotik-RouterOS)
All Mikrotik SwitchOS devices limited (see #Mikrotik-SwitchOS)
Arista 7050 / EOS 4.18 almost (see #Arista EOS)

Mikrotik RouterOS

As of RouterOS 6.44.1, devices can assign themselves IPv6, can route IPv6, but devices cannot be updated in IPv6 only networks (not even with DNS64/NAT64 in place).

Mikrotik SwitchOS

  • Management IP cannot be IPv6
  • No IPv6 updates

Arista EOS

As of EOS 4.18.6 EOS mostly works with IPv6. In Arista 7050 with 4.18.6 there is are no NAT64 capabilties.

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