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h1. IPv6 Hardware Compatibility List 



 h2. The list 

 * Statuses 
 ** none: No IPv6 support whatever 
 ** limited: somewhat works, mostly unusable 
 ** partial: mostly works 
 ** almost: has most features, can be used productively, advanced features missing 
 ** full: works fully in IPv6 only networks 

 |_. What? |_. Status | 
 | All Mikrotik RouterOS devices | partial (see [[#Mikrotik-RouterOS]]) | 
 | All Mikrotik SwitchOS devices | limited (see [[#Mikrotik-SwitchOS]]) | 
 | Arista 7050 / EOS 4.18 | almost (see [[#Arista EOS]]) | 
 | Ubiquiti HD AP AC Pro | partial | (see [[#Ubiquiti]]) | 


 h2. Mikrotik RouterOS 

 As of RouterOS 6.44.1, devices can assign themselves IPv6, can route IPv6, but devices cannot be updated in IPv6 only networks (not even with DNS64/NAT64 in place). 

 h2. Mikrotik SwitchOS 

 * Management IP cannot be IPv6 
 * No IPv6 updates 

 h2. Arista EOS 

 As of EOS 4.18.6 EOS mostly works with IPv6. In Arista 7050 with 4.18.6 there is are no NAT64 capabilties. 

 h2. Ubiquiti 

 The HD AP AC Pro was tested on 2019-05-01 and the result was as follows: 

 * The mobile phone app only works with IPv4 (discovery, basic config) 
 * The AP accepts IPv6 from the network via router advertisements 
 * The AP does not have rdnssd installed, so there are no DNS servers on the AP itself