Software that needs to be improved for IPv6



cpanel only resolves IPv4 addresses.

Code from 2017:

  sub _resolveIpAddress
   my ( $host, %p_options ) = @_;

  @addresses = Socket::getaddrinfo( $host, ( $p_options{'ipv6'} ? &Socket::AF_INET6 : &Socket::AF_INET ) );

however p_options is always empty!

Log from 2019

 Today at 9:51 PM
 @cPanelPhilH We are having 3-4 customers in the backlog for cpanel support - do you have a statement that we can forward in terms of timing for IPv6 only support?
 cPanelPhilHToday at 9:52 PM
 We have no plans of delivering IPv6 only support at this time, however that may change based on a number of factors, including demand.
 LucasRolff (DramaQueen)Today at 9:53 PM

 It always complain about "Missing period" and "Missing comma(s) with interrupter" 
 cPanelPhilHToday at 9:53 PM
 @LucasRolff (DramaQueen) i only hit 11K this week
 LucasRolff (DramaQueen)Today at 9:53 PM
 As long as your beer counter went up then it's ok
 ungleichToday at 9:54 PM
 Fair enough! In that case we will look into alternatives for these
 customers at the moment. If you are interested in actively pursuing
 it, we are open to helping you with infrastructure and knowledge -
 just give me a ping.


Does not work in IPv6 only networks if trackers/peers are IPv4 only. Strictly spoken not a deluge, but a general torrent client problem.
Bug report can be found


... is a very popular Erlang HTTP client. It is used by many Elixir libraries. It's not possible to configure IPv6
(see github bug). It is also used by Pleroma



"Invalid host entry" when connecting to the VPN host via NAT64:

 Openconnect: not sure
 [19:39] freiheit:~%  openconnect --user=ABC --usergroup=XXX
 Connected to [2a0a:e5c0:0:1:0:1:....:....]:443
 SSL negotiation with
 Connected to HTTPS on
 XML POST enabled
 Invalid host entry. Please re-enter.
 Failed to obtain WebVPN cookie
 [19:40] freiheit:~%

This might be an endpoint / configuration issue.



  • Resolves host names only for IPv4



Does not listen on IPv6 sockets under Linux. See the github bug

Applicable for at least version xrdp-

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