The ungleich server OS setup


The basic concept is, that the server at startup should load the OS via iPXE. Therefore the OS (/initramfs) will only be in the RAM and no harddisk or SSD is needed.
The servers will after the boot be reachable internally only and will have only a basic set of tools installed. After the startup has completed it will start triggering the cdist trigger server, which will then take care of fully configuring the server with cdist (Basically the trigger server will do the following: How to configure servers with cdist).

The configuration of each server is located in our dot-cdist repository.

The Operating system used is devuan ascii.

Cdist-Trigger server #INACTIVE

The cdist trigger server works the following:

  1. After the start up the unconfigured host will get the ssh public key from the trigger server curl >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  2. The unconfigured host will trigger the trigger server curl
  3. The trigger server will try to lookup the DNS name via the reverse DNS entry.
  4. Trigger server starts cdist config... and will configure the unconfigured host


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