Task #7015

Updated by Nico Schottelius over 2 years ago

h2. Concept/idea 

 Create an afforable (sub $50) device that acts as a global distributed display. Users can send messages to it from anywhere (with IPv6) and the device will be identified with its location: 

 * etc. 

 We might want to have one-or-more directory services that lists all devices. 

 A user can then either 

 * write a message to the people at the place (probably using http post) 
 * retrieve messages that where sent to the location (probably using http get) 

 Authentication should be very simple - maybe a random username/password that is displayed on the website of the device, something that lets any *human* but no *bot* easily participate. 

 h2. Software 

 * *nix, BSD, etc. 
 * Webserver 
 * maybe python/flask 
 * program to write to the local LCD 

 h2. Hardware 

 * Something that connects by wifi 
 * Something that can run Linux or BSD (to have a real IPv6 stack) 

 Possible hardware: 

 * raspberry pi* 
 * onion omega2 
 * banana*