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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
6177 Task Closed Normal LoRa32 Node Tillo Bosshart 12/27/2018 11:11 PM Actions
6176 Task Closed Normal Industrial Automation: Monitoring & Analysis of Process Data - Hack4Glarus - Winter Edition 2018 Konrad Marti 12/30/2018 12:13 AM Actions
6175 Task Closed Normal Nanobeam v2 Sandra Majauskaite 12/30/2018 12:13 AM Actions
6173 Task Closed Normal global task management tool with rewards with atomic swap via smart contracts Dominique Schuwey 12/30/2018 12:13 AM Actions
6171 Task Closed Normal Setup a IPv6 router in the coworking network Dominique Schuwey 12/30/2018 12:13 AM Actions
6170 Task Closed Normal Setup a matrix server Jin-Guk Kwon 12/03/2018 02:42 PM Actions
6169 Task Closed Normal Create OpenNebula packages for arm64 and setup opennebula on Marc Auer 12/30/2018 12:13 AM Actions
6168 Task Closed Normal Prometheus status tool (Adler-Manager, working title) Kamila Součková 12/27/2018 11:11 PM Actions
6167 Task Closed Normal build a basic web scraper becuse xyz website is going offline soon Dominique Schuwey 12/30/2018 12:13 AM Actions
6166 Task Closed Normal route /64 to opennebula vm Marcus Przyklink 12/30/2018 12:13 AM Actions
6165 Task Closed Normal Opennebula 6 VM (IPv6 only) Roland Zweifel 12/27/2018 11:27 PM Actions
6164 Task Closed Normal Document HardenedBSD update builds Johannes Meixner 12/30/2018 12:13 AM Actions
6163 Task Closed Normal Kubernetes IPv6 only Dominique Roux 12/27/2018 11:19 PM Actions
6162 Task Closed Normal Packer plugin for OpenBSD VMM Philipp Buehler 12/27/2018 11:23 PM Actions
6161 Task Closed Normal Prepare the introduction speech Nico Schottelius 12/30/2018 12:13 AM Actions
6160 Task Closed Normal Prepare the entrance booth and registration process Sanghee Kim 12/05/2018 01:19 PM Actions

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