As this Hack4Glarus will be virtual, some guidelines beforehand:

The Hackathon

  • We start with the opening on 1700
  • We will then form teams (you should be at least 2 people)
  • We coordinate on Matrix & Jitsi
  • If you have any serious problem/need to reach out someone on emergency basis, contact Nico (+4179 832 68 61)
  • At latest 1900 of 2020-12-04 you should have joined a project
  • It is a distributed hackathon
    • We need to be more verbose by default to be heard
    • Better write one message more than one message less
    • It is also encouraged to share "I'll go out with my cat now" things

The social things in between

  • If the main hack4glarus Jitsi room becomes to full or you need a breakout room, just create a new room on
  • Post pictures whenever you like - the more the better!
    • it's good to see how / where others are doing!
  • If you are stuck - just post it in the channel, all of us go through that

The ending ceremony

  • On Sunday 2020-12-06-1100 CET the project presentations start
  • Send the project name and participant list latest by 2020-12-06-1042 in the #hack4glarus matrix channel

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