How can I change my password for the dashboard and redmine?

What services can an IPv6-only VM offer to the IPv4-only world?

Currently HTTP and HTTPS. More protocols will be added in the near future.

Where can I learn more about IPv6?

There are plenty of IPv6 tutorials and how-tos on the web, easily accessible from your favorite search engine.

Here is a freely downloadable ebook:

What is ungleich? It sounds like ugh!

Ungleich is the German word for the "not equal to" mathematical sign (≠). In German it is a cool name for a company that stands out from the rest.

What is CHF?

CHF is an abbreviation for Swiss Francs, the national currency of Switzerland where Datacenterlight is located.
As of 12/2019 it is very approximately equal to 1 US Dollar, and slightly less than 1 Euro.

Do you accept bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin or other cryptocurrencies for payment?

Unfortunately not at this time. Sorry. We hope to add this in the future.

Do you allow payment by wire transfer?

Yes, but only for annual subscriptions.

Do you offer a service level agreement (SLA)?

Good question. Nico ?

How many addresses does my IPv6 VM have?

By default just one, but if you ask for your own /64 (64-bit address range, optional, no extra cost) then you have 2^64 possible addresses (approximately 18 quintillion)

Why do you charge so much for IPv4 addresses?

Because they are scarce and becoming scarcer and anything cheaper would not be a sustainable price. The IPocalypse is here! We all need to move to IPv6.

What is your status for emergency situations? Earthquakes, avalanches, power outages, heatwaves, wars. Do you have a backup generator?

We are located in the Swiss Alps. There have been no wars here for over 200 years.

How many uplinks do you have, and at what speed and what level of redundancy?

What hardware do your servers run on?

Can I run Tor on my VM?

How do I register a domain for use with IPv6? Do you provide a domain registration service?

We do not currently provide a domain registration service. Below is a link to a partial list of registrars, indicating their level of IPv6 support.


The most important thing you need is support for IPv6 glue records.

Where are your data centers located?

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