Task #6877

Task #6869: Challenge OpenStack and OpenNebula with ucloud

Start the first VMs on place9 cluster using ucloud (ucloud v1)

Added by Nico Schottelius about 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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  • Take 3+ systems (apu, r710) in place9
  • Boot them w/ either Alpine (preferred) or Devuan
  • Install ucloud-* on the appropriate hosts
    • Use existing VMs where no physical hosts are required

Task done criteria

Task is done if I can run:

ucloud-cli vm create --cpu 2 --ram 2 --image alpine3.10 --image-size 10

and a VM comes up with 2 virtual cores, 2 gb ram, using the alpine 3.10 image and the image is resized to 10gb.
The VM does not have to have network connectivity or ssh keys yet.

Attention: dead line is end of week so that we can continue with networking next week.

  • Balazs: infrastructure components (etcd and co.)
  • Ahmed: python code
  • Samuel: Setup servers / APUs / switches in place9



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Updated by ll nu about 2 years ago

Infrastructure is not ready in place9, mainly networking.


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There is no networking setup in place 9.

1. I could set it up, but ill need infos.
2. I could set the cluster up elsewhere


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checking this out now

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