Task #3656

Updated by Sanghee Kim over 4 years ago

I propose we change "Currently its "It is not possible to make payments." into    "Your credit card was declined." and add additional payment. Please try later" 
 For a user this message if there's anything is not clear, which action should be taken to not experience this error. 

 Why is something not working and what should be added, according done to the fix it, should be clear on error type.  

 If there's something the error is fault of stripe, we should specify, if fault of user, we should tell the user can do what to avoid try and how. 

 Take a look at the error again on retry various errors we should specify.  

 Please add handle in and then write appropriate additional messages for error types we have in 
 the different cases. 

 "Currently its not possible to make payments."-> "Your credit card was declined."