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* How we create it 
 * How we deploy it 

 h2. Introduction 

 The netboot images are basically a Devuan filesystem that is created by **debootstrap**. To be able to boot the servers, the kernel is extracted and the root filesystem is put into an cpio archive. 

 h2. How to build / update a netboot image  

 * Login to 
 * Go to /srv 
 * /srv/devuan contains the current version 
 * /srv/devuan-VERSION.gz contains the available root filesystem 
 * /srv/kernel-VERSION 

 To update / make changes: 

 * chroot /srv/devuan 
 * [work work work] 


 cd /srv/devuan 
 find . -print0 | cpio --null -ov --format=newc | gzip -9 > /srv/initramfs-${VERSION}.gz 
 cp vmlinuz /srv/kernel-${VERSION} 


 h2. How to deploy a new netboot image 

 * Copy the rootfs and the kernel on the respective routers: 
 ** router{1..2} 
 ** initramfs.igz == production image 
 ** kernel == production kernel