Task #6693

Updated by Nico Schottelius over 2 years ago

What we do (not) support how. Based on input from 

 h2. Internal networking 

 Supported on IPv6 basis. We need to discuss / define how to best expose it automated to users. Meeting on 2019-05-20 to discuss. 

 h2. Console 

 Repeating feature request -- either via guacamole or Django. To be clarified until 2019-05-20. 

 h2. Floating IPs 

 Not supported at the moment - also does not make sense in an infrastructure without private IPv4 space. There might be a way to support it depending on protocol: 

 * IPv6: Solve via user based networks => users can implement / use keepalived or similar themselves 
 * IPv4: Might be easiest solved by NAT64 + micro service