Task #6869

Updated by Nico Schottelius about 2 years ago

For proper growth and stability, we need to challenge our setup. We will try to replace opennebula with ucloud and at the same time challenge OpenStack.

This is not only a technical, but also a public project, which Sanghee will write the public story of.


* a fully portable cloud management system that is API based, exposes all internals w/o secret keys
** supporting console via guacamole
** users in ldap
** api authentication in ungleich-otp
** firewalling in ufirewall (or similar)
* A great team
* To be built in less than 100 days

h2. Technology stack

* python3
** easy to read
* flask
** easy to understand
* ldap
** well known
* ungleich-otp
* etcd
** storing VMs, networks, etc.
* nft (Linux), pf (BSD)
** describing the data, easy to handle

h2. Technical requirements

* ucloud should be portable
** While the primary target is Linux, it should run on FreeBSD/OpenBSD as well
* There should be no single point of failure
** APIs should be announced via BGP to the routers
** Switches will then use ECMP to load balance
** All APIs write to a distributed data store (v1: etcd) -> all data is distributed, too.
* Fast dead host detection
** Dead hosts should be detected fast, VMs should be rescheduled fast