Task #7053

Updated by Nico Schottelius almost 5 years ago

h2. Description 

 The following error occurs when trying to install a package: 

 nodejshost:~$ npm install node-red nodered 
 npm ERR! errno ENETUNREACH 
 npm ERR! request to failed, reason: connect ENETUNREACH - Local ( 

 npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in: 
 npm ERR!       /home/app/.npm/_logs/2019-08-16T08_41_18_332Z-debug.log 

 The host that has access to the IPv4 Internet via DNS64/NAT64. So if npm install would try resolve by both IPv4 (AAAA) and IPv4 (A) DNS entries, then the installation would succeed. 

 h2. Offer 

 If anyone is interested in fixing this, I offer 200 CHF in cash for the one who 

 * Finds the source of the problem (it's somewhere in a github issue, I have seen it some time ago) 
 * Fix it so that IPv6 and IPv4 are treated equally (i.e. happy eyeballs or similar algorithm) 
 ** Resolve both AAAA and A at the same time 
 ** Try first available host 
 ** Do not implement do-one-after-another: this breaks either IPv4 or IPv6 users 
 * Submits a patch upstream and gets it merged 
 * Can show that "npm install ..." on an IPv6 only host with NAT64 works (I provide a test VM for this)