Task #7180

Updated by Nico Schottelius almost 2 years ago

* router1-new is up and running

h2. Steps

* Verify / update cdist configuration
Checkout IP configuration
** Add VRRP IPs to loopback interface (will be used instead of keepalived)
* Verify sysctl configuration
* Rerun cdist, exclude announcing of routes
* Adjust radvd configuration
** lower interval
** lower life time

h2. cdist configuration

Was written for Devuan/keepalived. Need to check step-by-step.

* __ungleich_bgp_router: *TEMPFIX*

** contains static route announcements
** can only be used once the upstream networking is verified
* __dcl_node_exporter: still makes sense
** Is debian/devuan specific, needs changes
* __ungleich_ipv6_radvd --config router-$dc
* __ungleich_nftables --config router-$dc
* __dcl_router_resolvconf --search-path "$d"
* __dcl_tftp_http_pxe_bootserver
* require="__dcl_router_network" __dcl_router_keepalived --master
** Needs to be ported to loopback + bgp
* __dcl_router_network --ipsuffix 5

* # __dcl_nat64 --mtu 9000

h2. Change router advertisements

We will have 2 active routers now with both advertising with radvd at the same time.
This is part of replacing keepalived.

* -Change router advertisement lifetime to 10 seconds-
* -Change advertisement interval to 3..5-

MinRtrAdvInterval 3;
MaxRtrAdvInterval 5;
AdvDefaultLifetime 10;

h2. Switch configuration

* Switches *might* need ipv4 bgp peering for providing virtual IPv4 address support
* Don't see traffic on router1-new from upstream
** Need to verify trunk configuration on switches