Task #7185

Updated by Nico Schottelius almost 5 years ago

h2. Objective 

 * We want to have a live update similar to running on the VPS. 
 * We want to do this via some open source monitoring. 
 * We want to check ping, http and maybe https reachability 
 * The information should be public 

 h2. Hints 

 * -Checkout Checkout on one of our VMs, if opennms allows to create a public interface.- interface. 
 * -Checkout Checkout the list of systems on 
 * -Another Another interesting project that we already have running is smokeping- 
 * Easiest way, reproduce what we already have: 
 ** setup prometheus 
 ** setup grafana 
 ** setup blackbox-exporter 
 ** create a public dashboard smokeping 

 -> checkout the tools, discuss with me in the chat which one to use