Task #7205

Updated by Nico Schottelius about 2 years ago

In theory it should "just" work, let's see what is necessary. 

 We need: 

 * ungleich-otp for authentication 
 * etcd for storing configurations and run time data 

 h2. The story / handbook 

 * My objective is to use ucloud for scheduling VMs 
 * I do need some kind of authentication system, ucloud uses one time passwords based on RFCXXXX 
 ** One reference implementation for that is uotp, so we install uotp first 

 h2. Required follow ups 

 * It's nice that all components are depending on etcd only, however ungleich-otp also depends on postgresql 
 ** We should shortly rewrite the backend of ungleich-otp to be etcd, too