Task #7400

Updated by Nico Schottelius over 4 years ago

h2. Objective 

 * Remove one of the last IPv4 bits from our infrastructure (-> less complexity) 
 * Test that all servers are in a good state (regular reboot) 

 h2. Steps 

 * Setup ipxe USB sticks 
 * Modify the internal network to provide IPv6 netboot 
 ** radvd 
 ** dhcp6 
 * Use test servers(s) to test boot 
 * If successful: 
 ** Reboot all servers (always with VM migrations before) 
 * First place6, then place5 

 h2. place5 

 * prepare usb sticks 
 * test one server after another 
 * checkout server1.place5 / migrate special services elsewhere (?) 

 h2. ETA 

 Should be finished by end-of-week.