Task #7591

Updated by Nico Schottelius over 4 years ago

h2. Objective 

 * Migrate internal VMs to uncloud 

 h2. Checklist 

 * Can all required components be deployed (checking on server11) -- document the installation procedures 
 ** -api 
 ** -host 
 ** -network 
 * Is the API secure from outside? 
 ** I am able to connect without otp at the moment 
 * Is the client / cli usable? 
 ** Install, get seed, have fun? 
 * Is there documentation on how to use or recreate the current installation? 
 * Can networks be created? 
 * Can VMs be migrated from one host to another? 

 h2. Tests 

 Objective: test our components 

 h3. uncloud-vmm 

 * mock/create request entry in etcd 
 * verify that uncloud-vmm creates a VM