Task #7649

Updated by Nico Schottelius over 4 years ago

* User wants to have possibility to roll back in time 

 h2. Implementation 

 * We can use ceph snapshots 
 * We might need/want to signal qemu before taking the snapshot 
 ** how? 
 ** Difference between uncloud and opennebula? 

 h2. User facing API 

 * User can set a maximum amount of snapshots (?) 
 ** Useful for auto rotate 
 * User can configure a snapshot 
 * User can list all snapshots 
 * User can delete snapshots 


 h2. Billing 

 Regular pricing - it's the same usage 

 * SSD storage 10GB/month@3.5CHF  
 * HDD storage 100GB/month@1.5CHF 

 Billed on hourly (?) basis 


 h2. Testing 

 * Using my private VM 
 * Locating the disk image 

 [10:43:59] red2.place5:~# rbd -p one ls | grep 10761 
 [10:44:14] red2.place5:~#  

 * Does not show all attached disks -> need to go via opennebula api