Task #7876

Updated by Nico Schottelius about 4 years ago

* remove the separation tab of Direct Messages and Rooms -> this damages readability 
 ** An option to disable all categories might do this 
 ** Adding to this: scrolling inside the groups can be very painful and fields are often too small 
 * disable color differentiation for each user name: make them all same, muted color. 
 ** Afaics this refers to the avatar - maybe an option to disable avatars all together 
 * Numbers of unread messages on channels are not helpful 
 ** Proposed solution: Indicate unread by bold only, remove the number count 
 * When creating a new public room the "room alias" field is empty and needs to be filled in manually 
 ** This should be automatically derived from the name as a suggestion 
 * When inviting people to a room, local people ( show up for a second and then vanish until I type the full name 
 ** i.e. typing @xx - shows the name, I want to select it, it vanishes 
 ** other people from other matrix servers are shown as suggested 
 ** then finishing shows it again 
 ** Solution: don't make it show and vanish, but keep it 
 * Too much margin between text groups damage readability 
 ** While chatting, the vertical spaces between texts are too high and waste space.  
 ** The horizonal space between profile picture and the name is too wide, makes it harder for eyes to coherently follow who wrote what. 
 ** Time of writing is not shown by default and only reveals on mouseover, requires extra movement for catching information.  
 ** Having to jump big spaces between different information (who wrote it what, when) makes it hard for the eyes to focus. 
 * It is "impossible" to delete a room 
 ** There is no delete button 
 ** There seems to be a workaround to kick all users, make it non joinable (how?) and leave it 
 *** untested 
 ** Very basic functionality seems to be missing 
 * When creating a new room and inviting users, nick autocompletion when writing a message does not work 
 ** This only works when invited users joined 
 ** This is very limiting/confusing, as one might want to write already messages for the people who join eventually 
 ** Even if they don't join, the autocomplete should be able to reference people who are invited 
 * When writing in "direct chat", nick auto completion of OTHER users I write to does not work 
 ** Use case: "Did you talk to @s..." -- does not autocomplete 
 ** Suggestion: have a general auto completion, independent of the room I am writing in 
 * Selecting auto completion of users is easier in mattermost: 
 ** mattermost shows a list and allows to finish by <tab> or <enter> 
 ** matrix requires arrow up or clicking 
 * There is not emoticon selection list for regular messages 
 ** However there is one for reactions 
 ** This is a bit inconsistent and confuses -> should be consistently available 
 * Room classifications (low, favorite, etc.) seem to be CLIENT specific 
 ** Opening the browser on a different computer gives an old/different room view 
 ** Causes a lot of extra work for organising, i.e. x times for x devices 
 * Sometimes the members are shown instead of the room title in the room list (???) 
 ** See attachment to this ticket 
 * Mattermost has a "thread view" where one can show all messages in a thread 
 ** it only appears if you click on the reply button next to one of the messages in the thread 
 ** it is quite convenient to show old threads 
 * Inconsistent scroll bar behaviour 
 ** left/right are different