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h1. Common operations on X-as-a-Service 

 h2. Matrix-as-a-Service 

 h3. Contact customer for setup informations 

 Do not forget to replace @$CUSTMER@! 

 Hello $CUSTOMER, 

 I will deploy your Matrix homeserver and need a few configuration details from 
 you. I do not know how familiar you are with Matrix or technical terms: 
 do not hesitate to tell me if I go to fast or to slow for you. 

 First of all, each Matrix homeserver is linked to domain name (you users will look 
 like `@username:domain.tld`) for federation. I can offer you two options here, 
 but remember that the chosen domain name cannot be changed afterward: 

   * Your own domain (e.g. domain.tld). 
   * One domain controlled by ungleich (e.g. $, 

 Secondly, I will deploy a Riot web matrix client for convenience (you can use 
 the desktop or smartphone clients as well) and need a domain for that as well: 

   * Your own domain (e.g. matrix.domain.tld) 
   * One domain controlled by ungleich (e.g. matrix.$ 

 Lastly, I will configure the Matrix homeserver for you. You can ask us to set 
 any configuration option but we at least need to know your preferences in term 
 of registration: 
   * Should it be backed by an existing user directory (LDAP)? 
   * Should registrations be filtered by domain of email address? (e.g. anyone 
     with a @domain.tld email address can register). 
   * Should anyone be allowed to register? 

 Feel free to ask me any matrix-related question, as I am a heavy matrix user 

 Best Regards, 



 h3. Deploy new MaaS instance 

 WIP -> ask @fnux for now. 

 * Contact customer to get configuration details (this might take some time => do it first). 
 * Allocate VM in OpenNebula, based on Debian 10 (IPv6Only). 
 * Attach HDD storage to created VM (Help: [[Common operations at DCLIPv6OnlyHosting]]). 
   - Create EXT4 filesystem: @mkfs.ext4 $DEVICE@ 
   - Add FSTAB entry for /var on $DEVICE. 
     - Get UUID with @blkid@. 
     - Should look like: @UUID=$MY_UUID         /var      ext4      errors=remount-ro         1         2@ 
     - Mount data disk on /mnt. 
     - Move content of /var to /mnt. 
     - Unmount data disk from /mnt. 
     - Mount data disk to /var with @mount -a@ (uses configuration in /etc/fstab). 
     - *Reboot* and make sure that /var is properly mounted. 
 * Make sure VM is up-to-date (base image might be old). 
   - @apt update@ 
   - @apt upgrade@ 

 * Once you get details from customer, configure DNS entries: 
   - Main homeserver address: @$ 
     - @files/dns/ in dot-cdist. 
   - Whatever is needed for Riot-web. 
   - Do not forget to configure the IPv4-to-IPv6 proxy! See [[Common operations on IPv4-to-IPv6-Proxy]]. 

 * Add server to matrix-as-a-service manifest in dot-cdist. Deploy. 
   - You can find the detailed parameters of synapse and riot in the @__matrix_synapse@ and @__matrix_riot@. 
 * Create initial admin user: 
   - Register new user, either via riot (standard user to be promoted afterwards) or @/usr/bin/register_new_matrix_user@ on server. 
     - Any user can be promoted by a simple SQL query: 
       + On server, open postgresql shell: @sudo -u postgres psql matrix-synapse@ 
       + List users: @SELECT * FROM users;@ 
       + Make user admin: @UPDATE users SET admin = 1 WHERE name = '';@ 
   - Once the initial admin user is created, you can access the web management UI: (use server FQDN as homeserver). TODO 
 * Configure federation: 
   - TODO 


 h3. Upgrade a running MaaS instance 

 TODO -> ask @fnux for now. 

 h3. Deploy Matterbridge application service 

 TODO -> ask @fnux for now.