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h1. FAQ at Data Center Light 


 h1. Power 

 h2. Q: Where do you get the electricity for running all the servers? 

 *A:* We are running all our datacenter by 100% renewable energy. 99.9% is from hydropower and 0.1% is from solar power. We have our own hydropower plant which uses the water from the Linth, a river coming from the Alps. You can check more on our hydropower plant here. 

 h1. VPN 

 h2. Q: How can I get an IPv6 VPN from you? 

 *A:* Install Wireguard and get back to us with the public key, we'll activate your IPv6 VPN. You can follow the steps below. 
 ※We support one pub-key per /48 network for VPN, if you want to use VPN on multi host at a time, you should set your own server(router, VyOS) with the assigned VPN. 

 1. Install Wireguard 

 2. Create your private key: 
    umask 077; wg genkey > privkey 

 3. Get your public key 
    wg pubkey < privkey 

 4. Send us the pubkey to 

 5. We'll get back to you with your network definition. 

 h2. Q: How much is IPv6 VPN? 

 *A:* IPv6 VPN is 120 CHF/year, however it is free for all our VM customers as long as the VM is active. 
 ※We support one pub-key per /48 network for VPN, if you want to use VPN on multi host at a time, you should set your own server(router, VyOS) with the assigned VPN. 

 h1. Storage 

 h2. Q: Can I add extra storage on my running VM? 

 *A:* You can add extra storage for the following pricing.  
 SDD storage is 3.5 CHF per 10 GB, HDD storage is 1.5 CHF per 100 GB. 
 You can write to us via for storage addition. 

 h2. Q: What is Glarnercloud? Is it an own Nextcloud instance? Or is it Owncloud? 

 *A:* Glanercloud is your own Nextcloud instance, it is a sustainable and open-source alternative for Google Drive or Dropbox. 

 h2. Q: Is it possible to use a custom domain for Glanercloud? 

 *A:* Absolutely yes! You'll only need to create the AAAA during the setup process so that we can use letsencrypt certificatess. 

 h1. Upgrade 

 h2. Q: When I need more CPU/RAM/Storage for an existing VM, how long does it take? Does my VM need reboot, and if yes, can I be informed about the reboot schedule? 

 *A:* It depends on when you ask for the upgrade, but usually the upgrade can be done in 1 business day. For HDD upgrade the VM does not need to be rebooted, but for the CPU/RAM/SSD upgrade we need to reboot the VM for you, and it can be done as per your preferred schedule. You can contact our support and let us know your preferred time and you will hear back from us. 

 h2. Q: What is the price for CPU/RAM/Storage upgrade?  

 *A:* You can order the upgrade for your active VM for the following unit price per month. The prices exclude VAT. 

 1 CPU: 3 CHF 
 1 GB RAM: 4 CHF 
 10 GB SSD: 3.5 CHF 
 100 GB HDD: 1.5 CHF 

 h1. Payments 

 h2. Q: Monthly billing is cumbersome. Can I pay with longer billing intervals? 

 *A:* On request, we provide 6 months and 1-year payment plans. For 1 year payment, you can also pay by bank transfer. 

 h2. Q: I don't have a credit card, can I still order VMs? 

 *A:* You can pay us via wire transfer for an annual subscription. For monthly pre-paid plans as seen on, we only support credit card payments at the moment. 

 h2. Q: Is payment via PayPal supported? 

 *A:* Payment via PayPal is not supported. 

 h2. Q: Can I pay with Bitcoin? 

 *A:* Payment with cryptocurrency is not supported. 

 h2. Q: How do I get EU VAT exempt from my billings? 

 *A:* To get your EU VAT exemption you need to log into your account and fill in your EU VAT number under the My Dashboard/My Settings. After the VAT number input the validation takes about 30 seconds, make sure you type in the EU VAT number before you place an order of a VM. In case you are still charged with EU country VAT even after you made the VAT number input, get in touch with our support at  

 h1. Network 

 h2. Q: How can I get an IPv6 /64 or /48 network for my VM? 

 *A:* Every customer can request a /64 per VM for free by email. For the request of a /48, we provide it when it's a good use case, for 5 CHF per month. (excluding VAT) 

 h1. Connectivity 

 h2. How do i reach the IPv4 Internet from an IPv6 only VM? 

 *A:* We use NAT64 combined with DNS64 to provide access to the legacy Internet. And it works as follows: 

 * When you request a DNS entry that has only an A entry (IPv4), we will provide an artificial AAAA (IPv6) entry 
 * This AAAA entry points into a special /96 IPv6 prefix that maps the whole IPv4 Internet 
 * When you send a packet inside this prefix, our NAT64 translator will translate it to IPv4 

 h2. Q: How can I reach the legacy (IPv4) Internet from an IPv6 only VM without DNS? 

 *A:* Simply append the IPv4 address to the IPv6 prefix. Depending on the data center we use different IPv6 prefixes. You can find the list on 

 h1. Bandwidth  

 h2. Q: What is the price for data usage for VMs? 

 *A:* We have a fair use policy for bandwidth, meaning there are no fees for network usage. However we have the right to suspend or terminate VMs that are misusing/way out of regular range. 

 h1. Backup 

 h2. Q: Are the VMs backed up? 

 *A:* The VMs are not backed up by default, but we have a dedicated backup data center in which we provide either managed backup or offer a 2nd VM that you can use for backup yourself. 

 h2. Q: I want to back up my VM, how does it work? 

 *A:* There are 2 variants for backing up VMs.   
 a) You want to manage it yourself: you can just let us know it's a backup VM and we will shift it to the other data center. It's going to be a physically different location, different ceph cluster, different network, etc. 

 b) You want us to manage the backup: it's almost like (a), but it will cost 25 CHF plus the booked storage and we will manage the backup for you. 
 In both cases we recommend to take roughly 5 times space as backup space so that enough iterations (4 last days, 4 last weeks, 12 last months, total of 20 backups) can be kept. 

 You can check our managed & DIY backup offers here. 

 h2. Q: What is the standard backup VM spec you recommend? 

 *A:* Usually the backup VM is 1 core, 2-4gb ram, 10gb SSD + 5x the space you want to backup in HDD. If you are not sure, you can get in touch with our support and we can recommend a backup plan for you. 

 h1. Termination of VM 

 h2. Q: I terminated my VM by accident via my dashboard, can it be revived? 

 *A:* When a VM is terminated by the user, it's terminated for good and we can't revive an already terminated VM. 

 h1. Account  

 h1. Password change 

 h2. Q: I forgot my password for the web interface, how can I change it? 

 *A:* You can reset your password on the login page -> "Forgot your password?" or the following link. 

 h1. Account change 

 h2. Q: I want to change my account email, how can I do it? 

 *A:* You can reach out to and let us know the new email address you want to use, we will send you a simple verification mail to the new address. When we receive a mail back from the new email address, your account email will be updated.  

 h2. Q: I want to give my VM to somebody else to take over, is it possible? 

 *A:* Yes, it is possible. There are two ways to do it.  

 1. You want to keep the account but just want to give the VM to someone: The new owner needs to have an account with us first. Make sure the new owner has an account with us and then get in touch with and let us know the email address and country of residence (same as the billing address) of the new owner. We will send a verification mail to that email address and when we receive a mail back, we will move the VM to that account.  

 2. You want to give up your account which has (an) active VM(s) to somebody: You can reach out to and let us know the email address and the country of residence (same as the billing address) of the new owner, we will send you a simple verification mail to the new address. When we receive a mail back from the new email address, your account email will be updated to the new owner. The new owner can update the payment method and the billing address at My Settings on the dashboard and can set the new credit card as the default, then the transfer will be complete.  

 h1. Access 

 h2. Q: How can I access servers with ssh? 


 h2. Q: How can I access my VM with putty?  

 *A:* [[access VM with putty]]  

 h1. Username 

 h2. Q: What is the username for my VM? 

 *A.:* For all our VMs, you can access it with username root, with exception of OpenBSD. For OpenBSD the username is puffy. 

 h1. IP address 

 h2. Q: Is the IP address assigned to my VM static? 

 *A:*    The IP address assigned to your VM is static.  

 h1. Features 

 h2. Q: There is a feature X missing in Data Center Light, how can I request it? 

 *A:* We open up our infrastructure to the public, you can check out our open tickets and request a new issue or even create your own solution. 

 h1. Colocation 

 h2. Q: Do you offer colocation? 

 *A:* We do, but for selective cases. You can check the offer details on For more information, send us your plan and requirements to and we will get in touch with you. 

 h1. Doublup offer 

 h2. Q: What is doubleup offer and how does it work? 

 *A:* Doubleup means you get double times of what you ordered without extra charges. For example, if you ordered 1 CPU during CPU doubleup promotion, your VM will get a free upgrade to 2 CPU instead of 1 CPU. 

 h2. Q: What do I need to do for getting the doubleup? 

 *A:* For getting a doubleup all you need to do is ordering a VM during the doubleup promotion period and writing to us via For not missing out on our double up promotions, you can check out our sale page. 

 h2. Q: How long does the doubleup last? 

 *A:* Doubled up CPU or RAM lasts as long as your VM is active.  

 h1. Unanswered Questions 

 h2. Q: I didn't find the answer to my question, is there more information available? 

 *A:* Sure! You can visit our Open Infrastructure page and find the information you need.  
 You can also join our open chat and start a conversation there anytime.