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Nico Schottelius, 05/31/2020 08:10 PM

How to configure ubiquiti network equipment

General steps

  • Reset the device
  • ssh into it (username: ubnt, password: ubnt)
  • Setup a password

Upgrading most ubiquiti access points

  • Dowload the latest firmware from
  • scp it to the device as /tmp/fwupdate.bin
  • ssh into the device, run upgrade2 & (seems to need to be backgrounded)

Enabling ssh access without a password

  • Add your public RSA (ed25519 don't work) to /etc/dropbear/authorized_keys

Configuring Wifi

  • Download the "unifi network" app
  • Go to account->standalone devices : wait for the aps to show up

Installing OpenWRT

Stock ubiquiti does not work in IPv6 only environments. So replacing the stock firmware with OpenWRT makes them usable.

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