How to set up network equipment for customers


This document is PRE PRODUCTION.

Selecting IPv6 addresses

  • Every customer gets a /48 from 2a0a:e5c0:400::/40
    • This way we can easily route it later
  • Select / create a /64 for each network of the customer
  • Also register a "management IPv6 address" (usually ...:42) that we can use for testing/debugging

Setting up passwords

  • If we fully maintain the equipment and/or the customer is tech savvy:
    • Generate a fully random 32 character password
  • If we or the customer need to enter the password by hand
    • Create a passphrase
    • Lower case only
    • At least 4 words, at least 32 characters
  • Hand over password via a secure channel
    • Telling in person
  • If we maintain the equipment: save the password in the password store

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