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How to use ctt

General Ticket handling

  • Tickets which are not in progress for the moment needs to be set as unassigned & seen
  • New Tickets, should be unassigned & new
    • these tickets need to be watched and changed in 1 day


  • Installation of ctt (or compatible) (*for windows user)
    • clone the repository to a location you whish
      git clone ~/Work/bin/ctt
    • Edit your PATH environment variable
      • e.g. open your ~/.bashrc and append
        export PATH=$PATH:~/Work/bin/ctt/bin
      • source your ~/.bashrc
        source ~/.bashrc
    • if you run "ctt" now you should see the usage of it
  • Send Dominique your ssh key, otherwise the next steps won't work
  • Clone the dot-ctt repository from :ungleich/dot-ctt.git
    git clone ~/.ctt
  • Track your time to "$customer-$yourname" (ctt track $customer-$yourname <ENTER>) for instance
    • ungleich-$YOURNAME
    • customer1-$YOURNAME
    • customer2-$YOURNAME
  • When you finished working, press <ENTER> once again then give a comment what you worked on (See details below)
  • All times need to be pushed every friday
    cd ~/.ctt
    git pull
    git add ./*
    git commit -m "added times" 
    git push
  • If working for a customer of a customer, include the customer/project name:
    • IDENTIFIER; normal text
  • When working on a fixed budget project for a customer, book the hours to ungleich
  • Time tracking should not exceed 180 minutes for one session of work
    • Write a good and concise description of the work done per entry.
    • Show your transparent progress of your task in the description.
    • If working on the same task for a long period of time, break it down in session description: avoid giving the same, repeated description for many entries happened over extensive hours.

Deleting tracked time entry

rm -r ~/.ctt/$customer-$yourname/YYYY-MM-DD-HHmm

Where YYYY-MM-DD-HHmm is the start time of your tracked entry.


rm -r ~/.ctt/ungleich-intern-user/2015-08-26-2030

Change the comment

The comment is stored in the following file:


Just open this file with a text editor (e.g. vim, nano, Notepad++ etc. (NOT WORD)) and change it's content

Times & Dates

  • Enter times until friday every week (everybody)
  • Verify time entries until sunday evening (Nico)
  • Transfer times to customer systems until monday midday (David)

Some time-entry examples

  • You work for a Ticket of Customer
ctt track customer-$YOURNAME
Comment = Customer; #TICKETNUMBER; Comment
  • You work internal hours
ctt track ungleich-$YOURNAME
comment = Ungleich; (#TICKETNUMBER); Comment
  • You work on fix price Project of Customer
ctt track ungleich-customer-$YOURNAME
comment = Customer; (#TICKETNUMBER); Comment
  • You worked on a project but forgot to track:
ctt track ungleich-intern-$YOURNAME --sd YYYY-MM-DD-HHMM --ed YYYY-MM-DD-HHMM
comment = COMMENT

You can leave the --ed part if you still working on it now

h2 Reporting your time

cd .ctt
ctt report *${YOURNAME}

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