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h1. Maintaining static websites on staticweb 

 h2. Work In Progress 

 1. Add DNS Entry under *dot-cdist/files/dns/zones/* 
 staticcms-staging             CNAME staticweb 
 2. Run the following command on control server. 
 <pre><code class="shell">cd ~/.cdist; git pull; cdist config -bj7 -p9 -vv d{1..7}</code></pre> 
 3. Run the following commands command on 
 <pre><code class="shell"> 
 mkdir class="shell">mkdir -p /home/services/www/ungleichstatic/ 
 chown -R ungleichstatic /home/services/www/ungleichstatic/ 
 </code></pre> /home/services/www/ungleichstatic/</code></pre> 
 4. Create nginx config for the site under **/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/** 
 # Manually created              
 server { 
     # Only bind on the reserved IP address(es) 

     listen [::]:443; 
     listen *:443; 

     ssl on; 
     ssl_certificate /etc/letsencrypt/live/; 
     ssl_certificate_key /etc/letsencrypt/live/; 


     index index.html index.htm; 
         location / { 
             root /home/services/www/ungleichstatic/; 
     access_log /home/services/www/ungleichstatic/;