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Nico Schottelius, 05/21/2023 10:22 PM

Regular Software Updates

There are various software stacks that should be updated regularly. This document describes the intervals and procedures.

Kubernetes based Applications

All kubernetes based applications should be updated in a 2 step manner:

  • Create a ticket in the datacenterlight project for the update
  • Create or update apps/dev/APPNAME in k8s-config
  • Create or update a test instance in the kubernetes cluster that is using apps/dev/APPNAME
  • Ensure the test instance is running properly
  • Apply changes from apps/dev/APPNAME to apps/prod/APPNAME
  • Ensure all production instances are applying and working properly

Schedule: all apps should be checked for new updates at least once per month.

App Link to relevant versions Link to upgrade documentation Last updated/checked
ArgoCD See below
Ceph 2022-11-09
Gitea 2023-04-10
Harbor helm search repo -l harbor/harbor
Matrix 2023-01-10
Mastodon 2022-11-11
Netbox 2023-01-28
Rook 2022-11-09
Redmine 2022-11-13


We usually use stable via:

kubectl apply -n argocd -f

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