The ungleich GitLab guide


This article is IN PROGRESS


GitLab is installed on:

What is GitLab

Gitlab is a self hosted solution for git management. (Also available as a hosted version directly on GitLab Pricing)
Since gitlab is under heavy development, please see GitLab for all functions available.

What do ungleich use GitLab for

We trying to move all our public repositories from to our self hosted version of GitLab. The private repositories are currently all ported from gitolite.

The reason we moved from gitolite to GitLab is rather simple: More features and integrations.

Integration into ungleich services

The user authentication is done with our ldap server (See The ungleich LDAP guide). Other services are currently not integrated.

How to add a repository

Go to Projects/Your Projects then you are able to create a New project.
In the next menu you are able to define under which group the project will be and further configurations.

How to update

As an administrator you can go to the Admin Area and a small window will show you if your instance is up to date or not.

If you need to do an update login to your GitLab host via ssh and then simply run (assuming it is a Devuan / Debian / *buntu):

apt update; apt upgrade

The update scripts (using chef) from GitLab will take care of the rest.


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