The ungleich mail infrastructure


This document is IN PROGRESS.

Mail overview

  • Webmail
  • Outgoing mail server:, port 25, starttls
  • Incoming mail server:, imaps
    Mail settings:
    smtp: port 587 STARTTLS
    imap: port 143 STARTTLS

The primary mx configuration

  • Is found in the cdist type __ungleich_mx_primary (in our ungleich internally used dot-cdist)

How to add a new user

  • Have the user run doveadm to create a hash (doveadm pw -s sha512-crypt)
  • Have the user submit the hash to an admin
  • Modify type/__ungleich_mx_primary/files/dovecot/vpasswd to include the mail account
  • Run cdist config

How to add a new domains

  • Edit type/__ungleich_mx_primary/files/postfix/vdomain
    • Add the new domain
  • Commit & push
  • Run cdist config

How to add a new mail alias

  • Edit type/__ungleich_mx_primary/files/postfix/valiases
    • Add alias mail (First one is the alias => Will send incoming mail to the following email addresses)
  • Commit & push
  • Run cdist config

How to update the mail server

Since all the configuration is located in cdist a simple cdist config does the trick.

Sieve filters

Can be configured via:

The backup mx configuration

<to be filled in by Jin-Guk>

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