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Dominique Roux, 04/20/2019 09:12 PM

The ungleich monitoring infrastructure


We use the following technology / products for the monitoring:

  • consul (service discovery)
  • prometheus (exporting, gathering, alerting)
  • Grafana (presenting)


We use a consul cluster for each datacenter (e.g. place5 and place6).
The servers are located on the physical machines (red{1..3} resp. black{1..3}) and the agents are running on all other monitored machines (such as servers and VMs)

consul is configured to publish the service its host is providing (e.g. the exporters)

There is a inter-datacenter communication (wan gossip) []


Prometheus is responsible to get all data out (exporters) of the monitored host and store them. Also to send out alerts if needed (alertmanager)


  • Node (host specific metrics (e.g. CPU-, RAM-, Disk-usage..))
  • Ceph (Ceph specific metrics (e.g. pool usage, osds ..))
  • blackbox (Metrics about online state of http/https services)

The node exporter is located on all monitored hosts
Ceph exporter is porvided by ceph itself and is located on the ceph manager.
The blackbox exporter is located on the monitoring control machine itself.


We configured the following alerts:

  • ceph osds down
  • ceph health state is not OK
  • ceph quorum not OK
  • ceph pool disk usage too high
  • ceph disk usage too high
  • instance down
  • disk usage too high
  • Monitored website down


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