The ungleich netboot infrastructure


The document is PRE PRODUCTION.

Server configuration

  • All servers are supposed to have eth0 and eth1
    • Both cards are fiber
    • Both cards will be bonded
  • The ROM/BIOS of servers should be configured for netbooting

Switch configuration

  • Switches are MLAG bonded over two switches
  • Servers are thus redundantly connected to two switches
  • To support netbooting easily, we setup a "native vlan"
    • Aka which vlan to use if there is untagged traffic

Sample configuration from place6 (2021-02-07):

interface Port-Channel1
   switchport trunk native vlan 10
   switchport mode trunk
   port-channel lacp fallback static
   port-channel lacp fallback timeout 20
   mlag 1

IP configuration

  • As many PXE roms still don't properly support IPv6, we use IPv4 netbooting
    • This might be changed in the future, when we can replace all ROMs with ipxe

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