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Nico Schottelius, 11/06/2018 12:02 PM

The ungleich virtualisation handbook


  • A place is autonomous data center and does not share resources with another place.
  • The storage clusters are separated so that they don't influence each other
  • Networks are place local -> changing the place means changing the IP addresses

Migrating a VM from one place to another

  • Find the VM id (onevm list in opennebula)
  • Stop the VM (onevm stop <vimid>)
  • Locate the disk in ceph
    • Locate the correct ceph pool: ceph osd lspools
    • rbd list -p <CEPH POOL> | grep <VMID>
    • This gives you the image name
  • Login to the destination place and find out the target ceph pool
    • Locate the correct ceph pool: ceph osd lspools (this is the TARGET POOL)
  • Transfer the disk into the other place ceph cluster
    • rbd export <CEPH POOL>/<IMAGE NAME> - | ssh server-in-other-place "rbd import <TARGET POOL>/import-<VMID>"

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