The ungleich virtualisation infrastructure


This document is IN PROGRESS.

Overview / Technologies

We are using a combination of

  • OpenNebula:
  • Django:
  • Heavy focus on IPv6 first (or even only)

Networking in general

  • Virtual machines are connected to an internal 10 Gbit/s network
  • Uplink for all VMs is 1 Gbit/s
  • We have a fair use policy:
    • As long as you don't infer / reduce other people's experience, no action will be taken
    • If the VM is using excessive bandwidth over a longer time, we take the right to either throttle or suspend your VM

IPv6 Networking

  • All our VMs get an IPv6 address assigned to by OpenNebula
  • Every customer can request a /64 per VM for free by email
    • This process is going to be replaced by an API in the near future (as of 2018-11-11)
  • Additional networkinging options like /56 or /48
    • On request / with a good use case, the price is 5 CHF/month (excl. VAT)

IPv6 address assignements

  • Currenty the IP addresses are assigned to by OpenNebula using its contextualisation
  • The method is SLAAC-alike (embeds the mac) but does not use RAs
  • There is no DHCPv6 being used

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