How we handle redmine tickets


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  • Set your ticket status to "Seen", when you have seen it
  • Set your ticket status to "In Progress", when you are working on it
  • Set your ticket status to "Feedback" and assign it to the person you want to have feedback from
  • Set your ticket status to "Resolved" when you think you are done and assign it to someone for Q/A
  • Set your ticket status to "Closed" when you have verified the work of the other person is good

Ticket Statuses:

  • New: The ticket is new, the one who should work on this did not see the ticket until now
  • Seen: The one who should work on this saw the ticket but isn't working on it currently (Or use this as a Pause status -> When you are not working on it for the moment)
  • In Progress: The ticket is currently under work
  • Feedback: The one assigned to this ticket have to give feedback for the one who assigned him this ticket
  • Resolved: The work described in this ticket is finished but yet not verified from someone else
  • Rejected: The work in this ticket is not needed anymore
  • Waiting: There is a blocker (Please explain why you are waiting) (If it's another ticket use the related option and set "is blocked by: ")
  • Closed: The one assigned has verified the work => No more work needed

Special status: New and unassigned

Tickets that are new and unassigned define our backlog. If you are
short of work, this is the right place to look for work.


Creating a new Ticket

  • Assigned to yourself
    • Set it directly as Seen
    • If needed set a due date and / or a Priority
    • If you'll work on it right now set it as In Progress (See "In Progress" for more infos)
  • Assign to someone else
    • Set it as New
    • If you want, set a due date and probably also an Priority
  • Receiving a ticket (Someone created a ticket and assigned it to you)
    • After you read the ticket, set the state to Seen

Starting work

As soon as you start to work you'll do the following:
  • Set the ticket as In Progress

The Status In Progress is only set on the tickets you're currently working on, otherwise you set it as Seen, Waiting or Resolved
There shouldn't be more than roughly 4-5 Tickets as In Progess per person.

Pausing work

There are a moments in which you have to pause work (Because some other ticket blocks the work on yours, because the priority of this ticket is currently very low)

If you pause the work do the following
  • Set the Ticket as Seen
  • Write down why you pause the work
  • Do a good documentation about the current state, so you can resume later
  • Modify priority if needed
  • Change due date if needed (and if it's confirmed from the creator)
If you have a blocker or need to wait for others do the following:
  • Set the ticket as Waiting
  • Write a comment why you are waiting

Stopping work

If you stop working on a ticket and you don't plan on continuing to work on it anymore, do the following:

  • Write a comment on the last status
  • Set the ticket status to "New"
  • Set the ticket owner to none / unset

Need feedback

If you need feedback from another one (e.g. proofreading / giving the ok) do the following:
  • Set the ticket as Feedback
  • Assign it to the one which have to give you feedback

Finishing work

  • Set the ticket as resolved
  • Assign it to someone who can check your work
  • Set the correct version
If you receiving a ticket in Resolved state
  • Proof what the other one did
  • Either then set it as Closed or as In Progress and assign it back to the one who did the work

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