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h1. Ungleich Static Web Hosting 


 *%{color:green}This document concerns end-users/customers. See [[The ungleich static web hosting infrastructure]] page for server-side documentation.%* 

 h2. Status 

 This document is *in PRODUCTION*. 

 h2. Overview 

 Our "static web hosting offer": is dead simple: you get an SFTP-accessible storage share which is served by a dual-stack (IPv4+IPv6) NGINX web server. 

 h2. FAQ 

 h3. Q: How do I upload files? 

 We offer you an SFTP interface which is authenticated against our (LDAP) customer directory, which means you can use your ungleich username and password. 

 * Host: 
 * Port: 22 
 * Username: your ungleich username 
 * Password: your ungleich password 

 You can use the cross-platform "FileZilla (S)FTP client": if you do not know where to start. 

 h3. Q: Can I use SSH keys? 

 Yes! You just have to upload your own @authorized_keys@ file in @.ssh/authorized_keys@. 

 h3. Q: Do I need my own domain name? 

 We expect that most people will use their own domain but you can access the files stored under @public_html@ at @ 

 h3. Q: How do I configure a domain? How many domains can I serve? 

 You can point as many domains as you want to this service (on demand). You will first have to set: 

 * An @A@ record for IPv4, pointing to @ 
 * An @AAAA@ record for IPv6, pointing to @2a0a:e5c0:2:12:0:f0ff:fea9:c3c8@. 
 * ... or (instead of @A@ and @AAAA@) a @CNAME@ record point to 

 h3. Q: What web server do you use? Can you enable X for me? 

 We use "NGINX": and can reasonable features / configuratiob on demand. 

 h3. Q: How can I make a static website? 

 You have various alternatives: 
 * Write HTML/CSS by hand. 
 * Use a static website generator intended to somewhat technical people ("Jekyll":, "Hugo":, "Pelican":, "Hakyll":, "cstate":, ...) 
 * Use a static website generator intended to standard end-users ("Publii": 

 h2. Deploying static websites with custom domain names 

 h3. Point your custom domain name entries to the staticwebhosting's ips. 
 As described "here": 

 h3. Log into staticwebhosting: 

 sftp $ 

 h3. Create your website's directory: 

 mkdir public_html/$YOUR_FULL_DOMAIN_NAME 
 mkdir public_html/ 

 h3. Place your html/css files there 

 h3. Open a support request or ping us via chat to finalize the setup. 

 Dont forget to include your domain name.