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h1. Wiki


h2. General & Communication

* Read [[About]] the Open Infrastructure project
* Read the [[General ungleich knowledge base]]
* [[The ungleich support and ticketing infrastructure]]
** And how we [[Ticket Handling|handle tickets]]
* [[The ungleich survival guide]]
* [[ungleich administrative information]]

h2. Infrastructure

* [[How to configure servers with cdist]]
* [[The ungleich server OS setup]]
* [[The ungleich DNS infrastructure]]
* [[The ungleich mail infrastructure]]
* [[The ungleich network infrastructure]]
* [[The ungleich web infrastructure]]
* [[The ungleich LDAP guide]]
* [[The ungleich rabbitmq]]
* [[The ungleich VPN infrastructure]]
* [[The ungleich GitLab guide]]
* [[The ungleich cdist trigger server guide]]

h3. Virtualisation

* Read [[The ungleich virtualisation handbook]]
* [[The ungleich virtualisation infrastructure]]
* Read [[The ungleich ceph handbook]]

h3. Project specific

* [[Migration of github repositories]]

h2. HowTos

* [[How to analyse network issues]]
* [[How to use ctt]]
* [[How to disable IPv4 on your website]]
* [[How to become an ungleich system engineer]]
* [[How to build an RPM]]