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Nico Schottelius, 10/17/2018 02:20 PM



This site is being built (aka 90's "under construction" style). We are about to move internal documentation to the public and create new services/infrastructure building blocks so that users can easily access them.


Have you ever wanted a feature in a software, product or infrastructure and were angry that the vendor would just not support it?

We certainly were and for that reason we decided to open up our infrastructure.

Full disclosure.

Our objective is to open up 100% of our infrastructure definition. This includes processes, architecture, technologies, etc. The only missing parts are our secrets, passwords, hashes, etc.

How do I profit from it?

First of all, if something does not work as expected, you can debug the issue with the existing information. But even better: if you would like to see a feature that combines parts of our infrastructure, you are free to do so! And even better: if you create a clean solution, we might even merge it into our official infrastructure.

How to extend the ungleich infrastructure?

  • Create your solution
  • Create a ticket with a proposal
  • Somebody in our team will review it and
    • if it fits: merge it
    • if it does not fit: discuss with you how to proceed

Easy, isn't it?

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