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h1. Wiki 


 This site is **being built** (aka 90's "under construction" style). We are moving internal documentation about the ungleich infrastructure to the public and create new services/infrastructure building blocks so that users can easily access and combine them. You can read about our motivation for Open Infrastructure project on our "blog": 

 You can contact us "on our chat":, on "Twitter": or by email at **info at**. 


 h2. General & Communication 

 * Read the [[General ungleich knowledge base]] 
 * [[The ungleich survival guide]] 
 * [[ungleich administrative information]]  
 * [[The ungleich bootstrap guide]] - getting started at ungleich 
 * [[CHATting with ungleich]]: Talk to us via Matrix! 
 * [[Security and Privacy Policy]] 
 * [[Status page]] - exposing incidents to the world 


 h2. End-user documentation 

 Detailed usage documentation targeted to our users/customers. 

 * [[FAQ at Data Center Light]] 
 * "GlarnerCloud FAQ": 
 * [[Datacenterlight/IPv6OnlyHosting beginner guide]]: soon (TM). See task #7544. 
 * [[How to use the IPv4-to-IPv6-Proxy]] (or: how to make your IPv6 only VM reachable from the IPv4 Internet) 
 * [[Ungleich IPv6 wireguard VPN]] 
 * [[Ungleich Matrix-as-a-Service (MaaS)]] 
 * [[Ungleich static web hosting]] 
 * [[Customer Backup]]: ungleich(-managed) backup for your server. 
 * [[How to access your VM console]] : soon 


 h2. Common Operations 

 Common maintenance operations done by ungleich staff. 

 * " (Private) List of internal services and maintainers": 
 * [[Guidelines for adding a new service]] 
 * [[Security guidelines for ungleich staff]] 
 * [[The ungleich support and ticketing infrastructure]] 
 ** And how we [[Ticket Handling|redmine handle tickets]] 

 * [[Common network and DNS operations]] 
 * [[Common operations on X-as-a-Service]] 
 * [[Common operations on IPv4-to-IPv6-Proxy]] 
 * [[Common operations at DCL/IPv6OnlyHosting]] 
 * [[How to use ctt]] 
 * [[OpenNebula image management]] 
 * [[How to run node-red on Alpine Linux]] 
 * [[Django-Hosting|How to use the ungleich Django hosting]] 


 h2. Infrastructure 

 Technical documentation of ungleich's infrastructure. 

 * [[Infrastructure security guidelines and tools]] 

 h3. Networking 

 * [[The ungleich DNS infrastructure]] 
 * [[The ungleich network infrastructure]] 
 * [[The ungleich routing infrastructure]] 
 * [[How to disable IPv4 on your website]] 
 * [[How to become an ungleich system engineer]] 
 * [[How to configure Arista switches]] 
 * [[How to analyse network issues]] 
 * [[How to set up network equipment for customers]] 
 * [[VXLANS]] 
 * [[How to configure mikrotik network equipment]] 
 * [[How to configure ubiquiti network equipment]] 

 h3. Systems 

 * [[Ucloud]] 
 * [[The ungleich server OS setup]] 
 * Read [[The ungleich virtualisation handbook]] 
 * [[The ungleich virtualisation infrastructure]] 
 * Read [[The ungleich ceph handbook]] 
 * [[Opennebula related issues]] 
 * [[The ungleich mail infrastructure]] 
 * [[The ungleich web infrastructure]] 
 * [[The ungleich rabbitmq]] 
 * [[The ungleich cdist trigger server guide]] 
 * [[The ungleich monitoring infrastructure]] 
 * [[The ungleich kubernetes cluster]] 

 h3. Services 

 * [[The ungleich GitLab guide]] 
 * [[The ungleich LDAP guide]] 
 * [[The ungleich etcd infrastructure]] 
 * [[The ungleich VPN infrastructure]] 
 * [[The ungleich Matrix infrastructure]] 
 * [[The ungleich VM console]] 
 * [[The ungleich Nextcloud guide]] 

 h4. Hand-managed services 

 Most of our infrastructurue/services is managed via cdist (see dot-cdist internal repository) but some are hand-deployed and managed. There can be various reasons for that but the most likely is that we did not have the time / it was not worth to commit the resources to 'cdistify' the deployment for the initial single / test deployment. They will eventually (TM) be reconfigured with cdist. 

 * [[]]: Jitsi - video conference 
 * [[]]: Mastodon - Access to the 'fediverse'  


 h2. Misc 

 * [[How to get VPN statistics]] 
 * [[List of places]] 
 * [[Migration of github repositories]] 
 * [[Uptime objectives]] 
 * [[Managing OpenWRT]]