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[dynamicweb] If a user inputs an existing key in the VM buy flow, he/she is alerted that the key exists and the user can't proceed

Added by Mondi Ravi almost 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Steps to reproduce:

1. Choose a VM to buy at staging/dev servers for
2. Register as a user and input card details in the "Make payment page". Ensure
that the card leads to a payment related error.
3. Add a valid SSH key in the next page
4. In the order confirmation page, press "Place Order"
5. Order fails and user is redirected to "Make payment page"
6. Retry steps 2 and 3, and input the same key that was input in step 3

Observed behavior: Form submission fails with "A public key with the name ... exists"
Expected behavior: Form submission succeeds

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Updated by Mondi Ravi almost 5 years ago

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Updated by Mondi Ravi almost 5 years ago

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I proposed a fix for this issue in the merge request

Basically, we had a check to not allow the user to input the same key again. I just removed this code.

The code is deployed to for testing.

To test:

1. Try to buy a VM with a known SSH Key and the card 4000 0000 0000 0341 -> Payment fails and we return to the make payemnt page
2. Input a good credit card 4111 1111 1111 1111
3. Input the same SSH key as 1
4. Previously, the system would complain about the card already exists (on staging for eg). Now, it accepts the card and the payment is successful.

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Updated by Sanghee Kim almost 5 years ago

While testing, the step 1 goes to 404 error page after card submit, is this as expected? I think the error should be handled differently.

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Updated by Sanghee Kim almost 5 years ago

I tested with the key I created and saved via generate key, and above flow works as expcted.

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Updated by Mondi Ravi almost 5 years ago

Sanghee and I faced a wierd issue yesterday, while trying out the test steps via hosting flow.

The second attempt (with a correct credit card) also failed.

However, when I tested it today; after clearing cache and logging myself out and relogging in, the flow works as intended (payment via the second and correct card succeeds). So, I wonder if this could be cache related issue.

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Updated by Mondi Ravi over 4 years ago

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This was merged in 2.6.3 and deployed to production today.


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