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Preparing for matrix-as-a-service

Added by Timothée Floure 16 days ago. Updated 11 days ago.

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Once matrix is deployed at ungleich:

  • Build & document MaaS deployment and maintenance pipeline.
    - Wiki page.
    - A staging environment will be required to test upgrades.
  • 1 or 2 blog entries about it? First one maybe a bit more as introduction, why we want to support matrix and second one more about the technical details? (quoting Nico here)
  • Be mentionned in "This Week In Matrix" (Weekly matrix news) and on
    - We should emphasize on the decent/green (hydro/old building/second-hand servers/...) factor, as I expect it will interest some (sub-)communities.
  • Upstream `__matrix_*` cdist types.
  • Investigate the application services we could offer.

Feel free to put this task in another project if it doesn't fit here.



Updated by Timothée Floure 15 days ago

We'll also need a TURN server for VoIP.


Updated by Nico Schottelius 15 days ago

Can we do voip in a second stage or will things "look weird" without it?



Updated by Timothée Floure 15 days ago

We can do-it in a second-stage, witout a TURN server VoIP might or might not work depending on the situation.

Note that coturn is easy to deploy:


Updated by Timothée Floure 11 days ago


Updated by Timothée Floure 11 days ago

  • Status changed from New to In Progress

Updated by Nico Schottelius 11 days ago

channels that can be exported to IRC or matrix:

  • ipv6
  • foss
  • hacking-and-learning
  • Town Square
  • datacenterlight
  • uncloud

More maybe later

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