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06:09 PM Open Infrastructure Task #8670 (Waiting): Turn "temper" into an openwrt upstream package
Is this still relevant? Timothée Floure
06:08 PM Open Infrastructure Task #7545 (Closed): Switch production LDAPs to cdist-managed alpine
This is rotten - we will move the LDAP nodes to k8s. See #9473. Timothée Floure
06:00 PM Open Infrastructure Task #8091 (Closed): Alpine-based Opennebula workers
This timed out and probably is irrelevant to us now that we're moving to rook. Timothée Floure


03:30 PM Open Infrastructure Task #8877: Checkout matrix instance on server1.place4
@nico is up and running, but uses as authentication backend - you won't be able to ... Timothée Floure
02:25 PM Open Infrastructure Task #8877 (In Progress): Checkout matrix instance on server1.place4
Timothée Floure
07:42 AM Open Infrastructure Task #8877 (Waiting): Checkout matrix instance on server1.place4
@nico was on server1.place11 (which I can't access, no v6 and no SSH key), not server1.place4. Timothée Floure


05:32 PM Open Infrastructure Task #8888: Meta-Issue for Matrix late-winter 2021 cleanup
The new shiny cdist pipeline seems to work nicely - it's currently deployed for staging and ungleich. We also have me... Timothée Floure
05:29 PM Open Infrastructure Task #8886 (Resolved): Drop and rebuild with cdist
Done. Timothée Floure
01:39 PM Open Infrastructure Task #8887 (Closed): Update synapse-admin
Updated to latest 0.7.0 release. Timothée Floure
01:32 PM Open Infrastructure Wiki edit: The_ungleich_Matrix_infrastructure (#22)
Timothée Floure

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