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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
6519 queue Task New Urgent Stabilisation spring 2019 06/26/2019 12:07 PM Actions
6762 Open Infrastructure Task New High Allow IPv6 only hosts to properly send emails to IPv4 only hosts Nico Schottelius 06/03/2019 04:18 PM Actions
10614 Hack4Glarus 2022 (summer) Task New Normal Evaluate Hitobito 09/22/2023 07:44 AM Actions
11850 hack4glarus-2023-summer Task New Normal Experiment with traefik in IPv6 environment 🛣 Jörg Berkel 07/09/2023 08:44 AM Actions
11846 hack4glarus-2023-summer Task New Normal PostgreSQL data/conns handling on IPv6-only Philipp (double-p) Buehler 07/09/2023 08:11 AM Actions
11860 hack4glarus-2023-summer Task New Normal Test X2Go Client and Server in an IPv6 environment Stefan Baur 07/09/2023 07:25 AM Actions
11868 hack4glarus-2023-summer Task New Normal Update X2Go-TCE-Buildserver to Bookworm and try to build Bookworm-based X2Go-TCE-Live images Stefan Baur 07/08/2023 07:07 PM Actions
11855 hack4glarus-2023-summer Task New Normal [grab me] Setup lemmy in k8s 07/08/2023 07:46 AM Actions
11865 hack4glarus-2023-summer Task New Normal Extend live-build-x2go to be available on ipv6 only network Juri Grabowski 07/07/2023 08:52 PM Actions
11863 hack4glarus-2023-summer Task New Normal [grab me] setup an nat64 service in k8s 07/07/2023 07:09 PM Actions
11856 hack4glarus-2023-summer Task New Normal [grab me] Setup pixelfed in k8s 07/07/2023 06:44 PM Actions
11852 hack4glarus-2023-summer Task New Normal [grab me, networking] Create a direct wifi link to a spot as far away as possible 07/07/2023 05:59 PM Actions
11848 hack4glarus-2023-summer Task New Normal [grab me ] Create a webapp that allows to create VMs in kubernetes 07/07/2023 05:55 PM Actions
10239 ipv6 Task New Normal Recursive DNS, visible on IPv4, acting as a proxy to enable visibility of data from IPv6 only DNS servers 01/31/2022 01:49 PM Actions
7568 ipv6 Task New Normal Incoming SMTP IPv4 proxy Nico Schottelius 01/31/2022 01:09 PM Actions
8689 Open Infrastructure Task New Normal Test q-in-q multiple vlans with mikrotik <-> Linux 12/07/2021 12:48 AM Actions
6326 Open Infrastructure Task New Normal [user request] Support SEPA payments for VMs/Storage Amal Elshihaby 08/09/2021 03:22 PM Actions
8670 Open Infrastructure Task New Normal Turn "temper" into an openwrt upstream package 07/29/2021 08:15 PM Actions
9516 Open Infrastructure Task New Normal Add proxy protocol support for IPv4<->IPv6 proxies to enable client IP information pass through Nico Schottelius 07/17/2021 07:43 PM Actions
9401 Open Infrastructure Task New Normal Building an IPv6 only Matrix network Nico Schottelius 06/07/2021 08:10 PM Actions
9294 Swiss School of Digital Education Task New Normal Create plan for hosting Christian Folini and team Sanghee Kim 05/06/2021 03:09 PM Actions
8201 Open Infrastructure Task New Normal Setup our own NTP pool 02/10/2021 09:20 AM Actions
8202 Open Infrastructure Task New Normal ceph upstream: ask for one more digit in ceph -s 02/10/2021 09:20 AM Actions
7503 Open Infrastructure Task New Normal Create script to create new / updated OpenBSD image for OpenNebula 02/10/2021 09:11 AM Actions
7544 Open Infrastructure Task New Normal Write "beginner's guide" for datacenterlight customers 02/10/2021 09:07 AM Actions
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